Everybody loves a good party!

City Lights Discos know what makes a great party – great music and great company!

We’ve all been to parties where the DJ only plays the music they want to hear and hides behind stacks of speakers and lighting equipment. At City Lights, our DJ’s are professional entertainers, compares and hosts, meaning they interact with the audience and ensure that the focus remains very much on the guests having a good time, not just the DJ!
We also believe that more isn’t necessarily better! We’ve all seen DJ’s with stacks of speakers, lighting equipment and every conceivable gadget you can think of, including those rotating lights stolen from the top of a 1970’s police car! At City Lights we tailor the equipment we bring to suit the size of the room and the number of guests. There’s nothing worse than a DJ playing music at full volume on his concert size PA system when there are only 20 guests trying to have a conversation. 

It’s about striking the right balance – the right music, the right amount of interaction, the right volume and all at the right price.
We cater for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Children’s Parties and Corporate Events. All our DJ’s and technical crew are professional, flexible and customer focussed. All staff have current CRB and Police checks.
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