Wedding Disco do’s and don’ts

It’s the big day. The ceremony went with out a hitch, the meal was amazing, and even the speeches were funny! OK time for a quick freshen up and time to hit the dance floor for the evening disco! Oh but wait, you booked it at the last minute, and over in the corner is a DJ who definitely looks like he is off a channel four sitcom, with kit that looks like he may have been working when YMCA was first released!
Here at City Lights Discos Salisbury, we understand that the evening part of your wedding is actually the longest part of the event, and is often the bit the guests remember the most out of the whole day.
To that end, we have a few tips for booking your evening entertainment.
1, don’t leave it till the last minute.
As the evening event is the biggest part of your day time wise, we suggest you make it one of the first things you book. The added benefit to doing this is you will be booking far enough a head to get a wedding DJ of the quality you deserve for your big day.
2, make sure the disco you book is right for you.
if you are after the full night club experience, or a more subtle affaire, make sure your DJ is just right and can set the mood that you are trying to achieve.
3, you choose the music
There is nothing worse than having your wedding night ruined by a DJ who just wants to play what they think you want to hear, rather than what you actually asked for.
Ensure your chosen DJ will stick to your criteria, and if possible one who will take requests and is happy to help set the mood for your event.
4, It’s all about you
Remember, what ever disco company you choose and what ever dj you deal with, it is your big day, so ensure you are totally happy with your booking, don’t pay over the odds, and remember that you are in control at all times.
If you need any more information about anything listed here, then do just get in touch with us at city lights discos salisbury, and we would be happy to help with totally free impartial advice on your big day.